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Create Baked Texture IMVU

Create Baked Texture IMVU

By on Jan 4, 2011 in IMVU Tutorials, Rooms | 0 comments

Hello there,

Today I am going to show you have to create nice wonderful baked textures. A baked texture is a texture that has all the lights and other render effects applied to it, so we can take some FAIL looking texture and turn it into WIN.

So for starter’s i am going to use this really dumb couch model with a really dumb texture.

First off i am going to add some bump mapping to this

Rendering >> Material Editor go down to bump and add Dent.. or whatever else you think will look good

Next we might want to give it a pinch of light so we turn up the specular level and mess witht he glossiness until we get something that looks cool.

Next we want to add some lights with shadows enabled.

Looks pretty nice.

Now there is probably many many more effects you could add to this material, but for this tutorial we will stop here and begin to Render to texture. so first make sure your couch is selected and go Rendering >> Render to Texture

For mapping coordinates Make sure you have AutoMatic Unwrap and set it to 1

Then Add a Complete Map. Set where it will save the texture file to and then finally select the size.

Now click Render!

This is what output for me

Now i am going to  delete all the lights i made, next i am going to load the new texture into a blank material and apply it.

Here is the same couch without any lights or material effects in the scene, i only applied the new Baked texture we made to give it a more realistic texture.


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